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Little known fact:

Loki is the Pale Knight’s best friend. The Pale Knight is the only human Loki respects.

Because when Loki was young he accidentally got transported to Midgard (specifically Manchester, Earth year 1901) where he met a boy who had just lost his father who was kind but who had high expectations for his son. And Loki and the boy bonded over confused father-feelings. 

When Loki returned to Asgard he managed to keep in contact with the boy for a time-teaching his certain bad-ass maneuvers and laughing at the boy’s human clumsiness- and even pretended to be a WWI vet in order to stand as the boy’s-who was really now a man-best man at the man’s wedding to a Lady in 1920. But then Loki realized that one day, all too soon, the man would die and Loki couldn’t handle that thought, so Loki cut off contact with the man.

In Earth year 2011, when Loki was exiled from Asgard, he went searching for his old friend, only to find that he had been dead for decades. Realizing that the only human he ever regarded as MORE was gone forever, Loki lost all compunctions about the use of violence to take over Midgard and make it his own.

Though if a certain Abbey in Hampshire and its owners were designated as ‘not to be touched or harmed’…well, no one ever really dares question the whims of a demi-god anyway.

(and this is why the next 5 weeks of Loki-spam is acceptable)