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Hilde (2009)


here’s the original guys if you just want to drool over it.

Drooling away…



Hilde (2009): Two minutes of this movie made me perve on Dan Stevens like a motherfucker. [Two “select” minutes of the film found here.]

Need this on my blog. No explanation necessary.  




Hilde (Kai Wessel, 2009)

About to head home but just saw this…HELLO!!  

As I recall, he then whispers seductively into her ear and practically nibbles her neck.


Can we get him to do that to Mary next series? Please? In my head she totally shatters all Matthew’s innocence and he suddenly takes on every ounce of Dan’s sexuality (as seen in this movie). 

because I love you so much and felt like my lack of response to your plight was really unacceptable.