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Preview of Preferred Stock 10… and that picture is just perfect for PS 11 .. and PS 12.. and beyond.  


“Mary,” he said, not quietly.


“Do you want dessert?”

She opened one dark eye and stared at him for a second before rolling and turning herself until her head was at his side. “Maybe.” She peered at the plate. “What is it?”

“One of the chocolate things. I don’t remember what it was called.” He handed her a glass of water. “I hope it’s still good.”

“How could it not be? It’s chocolate,” she murmured as she took a drink and then picked off a bite. “Pa amb xocolata. Bread with chocolate. Maman…” She stopped, head tilting slightly forward, hair obscuring her face and there was the smallest sigh, a sound that he knew all too well hid the burial of some deep emotion. He tucked the dark locks of hair behind her ear, carefully, gently, his fingers light upon her skin, and he pretended to not see the tear that connected faint freckles across her right cheek.

Tell me,” he said.

coming soon… :D


“Six counts to breathe in, six counts to breathe out.”
— Preferred Stock by Chickwriter

'Reading Poetry' - An MM ficlet


“Mary dear, you look exhausted, is everything alright?” Cora stirred her tea and leaned towards her daughter.

“Perfectly Mama.  Why?” Mary raised her eyebrows curiously as she looked at her mother.

“Oh you just look a little pale and drawn.”

“Well, truthfully, I’ve discovered a new love of poetry, and I just can’t seem to get enough.” She looked down and stirred her own tea, missing her grandmother’s eyes rolling derisively.


“Yes.  I just can’t seem to satisfy my appetite for it.  I’m up until all hours reading,” she replied serenely, feeling that familiar heat coil within her as she reflected on her late night reading.

“And what does Matthew think of this new interest?”

“Oh he’s very enthusiastic, and keen to encourage me,” she hid her smile by taking a sip of her tea, still determined not to look in her grandmother’s direction.

“Well my dear, just because you’re married, it doesn’t mean that you can let your routine slip and your looks deteriorate.  Perhaps, you should save this poetry reading for in a morning, rather than at night,” Cora sat back with a smile, pleased that she had appeared to impart some wisdom to her eldest daughter.

“Well, I suppose I could try in a morning, but evenings just seem to be preferable, what with Matthew being at work all day.” She looked down again, smiling to herself as she took another sip.

“Oh Matthew!  There you are!” Cora straightened as Matthew entered the room.  “I was just telling Mary that she must stop with this late night poetry reading that she suddenly seems so fond of, and it would be much better suited to a morning, or even an afternoon.  What do you think?” He searched for and met his wife’s gaze, smiling indulgently at her before turning back to his mother-in-law.

“Well, I suppose when the mood strikes, it cannot be helped.  But I shall endeavour to make sure that she is not suffering because of it.  Now, darling, I have a book of poetry in my pocket, perhaps you would care to take a walk with me and we could read it together.” His lips quirked into a smile, and he looked at her knowingly.

“Of course.  Reading poetry with you Matthew is certainly one of my life’s greatest pleasures.  Thank you for the tea Mama, Granny.  Goodbye,” she smiled warmly at them before looping her arm through her husband’s and leaving.

“Poetry!  Whatever next?  Knitting, or embroidery…” Cora murmured, incredulous.

“Oh Cora, you don’t really think they were talking about poetry do you?”

“Well whatever else could it be?” Violet raised an eyebrow and stared at her daughter-in-law, waiting until she pieced it together.  Cora gasped.  “You don’t mean…?  In the middle of the day?  On a Saturday?”

“Well really dear, would we have expected anything less?” She rolled her eyes once more and sipped her tea, leaving the Countess staring at the door in wide-eyed shock.

'The Night of the Gala' - A Modern MM ficlet


So this happened.  I regret nothing.  Thank you to catchingbananas1 for inspiring some of the dialogue. ;)

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And so, the end is here. ‘At Last’ - The epilogue.


It has taken me a while, but here is the final chapter of ‘At Last, My Love Has Come Along’.

I am quite emotional about this, because I didn’t want it to end, but I couldn’t take it any further.  Thank you all for your support with this, I can’t tell you what it means to me. :’)

Chapter 1, if you want to start from the beginning.

The jaunt to Dublin, because it’s good for a giggle.

And their wedding night.

And now I’m going to go and weep for a little bit and just get it out of my system!  I love you all!

Dear followers,

If you have not read this fic then you are truly missing out. It is a bit of happy m/m that everyone needs in their life and the characterization is absolute perfection. Plus, the author is just the best because she gave me a special shoutout  pushed herself super hard to overcome horrible writer’s block just to keep people from having to wait too long for the final chapter.

So go. Now. Read it.

'Because he's worth it.' - An M/M (hair porn) ficlet.


This (^) was my starting point, along with the words ‘an ode to his hair’.  So here it is.  No point to this whatsoever.  Just Mary appreciating Matthew’s hair.  Yup.  Pretty much all there is to it.  Enjoy! :D

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Emily sure knows the way to my heart! HIS HAIR! So cute and funny. 

"He was more than just a spectacular head of hair" HA! Just keep thinking that honey!

Anonymous asked: Modern M/M at a friends wedding. (Dancing/Chatting/Smooching- You pick)


“Shall we?” He stood and held out his hand with a smile.

“Alright then,” she returned his smile, and slipped easily into his arms when they reached the dance-floor.  He held her close as they gently swayed, his hand tracing soft circles on her back as she pressed herself against him, leaning her head against his, cheek to cheek.

“Have you enjoyed it?”

“Yes.  It’s been lovely, especially the service,” she felt him nod against her.  A thought occurred to her, one that, every so often, was at the front of her mind, but was never voiced.  “Do you ever think we should get married?” Her heart stopped as she murmured the words in his ear.  His stopped as he heard them, momentarily filling with a blind panic before he collected himself.

“Maybe, one day.  But we’re not in any rush are we?” He replied just as quietly, glad that she couldn’t see his face.

“No, I suppose not,” she frowned as she tried to keep her voice level, surprised by his indifference. 

He smiled to himself at the change in her tone, thinking of the small velvet box that was safely hidden in his suitcase in their room upstairs.

Anonymous asked: M/M- Fluffy- Dancing (wherever you want them to be dancing


“Have I ever told you what a wonderful dancer you are?” She smiled as he turned them round the floor.

“You may have mentioned it once, but I have no objections to hearing it again!” He quickly kissed her cheek and pulled her a fraction closer.  “Do you remember the first time we did this?  In London?” He waited for her to respond.  She nodded.  “It felt like we’d always danced together!”

“Yes.  That’s when I realised that I only wanted to dance with you.  No-one else can lead me as well as you can!” She pulled back to look at him, her eyes sparkling, and he just knew that she wasn’t talking about dancing anymore, and probably hadn’t been for some time.

'At Last, My Love Has Come Along' - Chapter 11



The wedding has finally arrived!  Read it here.

I’ve also written the wedding night too. ;)

Start from chapter 1 if you want to catch up!

And the infamous trip to Dublin!


#If you aren’t reading this #Look at your life #Look at your choices 

Anonymous asked: whole crawley family (m/m, s/b children included), playing rounders


This was it: sister against sister, cousins against cousins, Irish against English.

“It’s only a game for goodness sake!” One husband called out.

“Rounders is never ‘just a game’!” His wife called back, determined to win this one.

Anonymous asked: m/m, curious, the toy dog


She had never asked where it was, if he had even kept it after…after, but she always wondered, and so it was the second best gift he could have given her when she told him that she was expecting their first child.

thatramblingmind asked: Mary/Matthew, adoration, hair. Face it, you knew this was coming ;)


It was just so thick; she wanted to touch it all the time, she didn’t think she would (or could) ever tire of having it in her hands, she mused with a smile as she let her fingers wander once more.

“Mary, leave my hair alone.  Please.  I am trying to sleep,” he muttered, batting her hands away from his head with a sigh.

'Welcome Home' - A (smutty) MM Oneshot


So this picture (MDocks, not the cake) appeared the other day.  And in turn, this ficlet happened.  And people (you know who you are…hence tagging you in this) wanted me to continue.  So I did, and this is what happened.  And also because today is Sam’s birthday, this is my present to her!

Smut warning…erm…yeah.  Pretty much nothing else to it really.


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“I’m ready for my close-up.”

This woman…DAYUM.  That is all of her hair!  Guh…seriously.  

Matthew, my body is ready. Come to bed. 


She lay on the white sheets wearing nothing but the bracelet and necklace he’d bought her for her birthday, propped up on her elbows, her hair glossy and thick from her visit to the hairdressers that afternoon.  She heard the front door slam…and him call out for her; she could imagine him sighing when he got no reply, even though her car was on the drive, so he knew she must be there.  She heard him climb the stairs, two at a time, as he always did, like it was a race.  She shook her hair slightly, though she knew it looked fine.  The handle turned, and the door pushed open…

“Hello darling, good day?” She smiled and raised an eyebrow as he stood in the doorway, his mouth hanging open in surprise as his blue eyes roamed hungrily over her pale, lithe, naked form…  He dragged his eyes back to her seductive gaze…oh, but when she looked at him like that!  The simmering need he’d felt all day suddenly burned through him, and he smiled at her.

“Much better now,” he murmured, pulling off his tie as strode towards the bed.