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General Iroh.

People say that the opposite of love isn’t, in fact, hate it’s indifference. That love and hate are united by passion. And Loki hates Thor which means he must, in his heart, still love him.

Tom Hiddleston x

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“You see, the one place I know where it seems totally acceptable to lie is on an actor’s CV. The job of “pretending” just seems to leak on to the page. I know an actor with “badger taming” on his résumé. Yes, I can ride a horse, play the violin and speak German. More or less. Looks good and probably won’t ever be called upon. Probably. Until it is. Giddy up.”

#is playing cricket in edwardian dinner wear on your CV dan? #IS IT?#how about being a troll? #that one wouldn’t even be a lie. #mr. modesty strikes again anyway. #Mr. I KNOW A LITTLE GERMAN #i only had a major role in a german film where all i spoke was german #but i only know a little #right #rrrriiiigghhhttt

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This reminds me of that time he said he “read English a little at Cambringe”. You know, as in 2 dissertations and just missing a First due to being on tour playing the lead in MacBeth. Yep, just a little.